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Refugees coming to Rochester, as you well know, are fleeing from unbearable circumstances, famine, civil war, ethnic cleansing, and crippling poverty.  Recently, a Sudanese mother arrived with six young children, who had only months before witnessed their father being executed. They arrived in Rochester, ranked tenth poorest city in the United States.   Poverty is a vicious enemy which strips people of their dignity and self worth.  For newly arriving legal refugees, it is yet another daunting obstacle to overcome.

At Saint's Place we want to prevent the refugees from becoming victims of poverty.  We want to give more clothing, more household goods and most importantly more educational opportunities to the refugees.  We must encourage and support them to achieve the American Dream.  The importance of education, in overcoming poverty cannot be minimized.  We are preparing to launch a scholarship program so refugees can acquire higher skills or continue their education, thus ensuring them better paying jobs and a brighter future.

Often, we are asked: "Why do you do this?"  Why help strangers when here in the United States we have so many living in poverty?  The answer is simple, because we can and we must.  it is our mission, privilege and responsibility to

"Welcome the Stranger".  The refugees are so grateful, they smile, clap their hands, sing us songs and hug us.  But best of all they return with fantastic success stories.


Patron Saint's 2017

$50 towards  good quality backpack, water bottle, school supplies & calculator

$100 towards a notebook computer

$200 towards Saint's Place educational scholarship

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