Thank you Rochester Community

 Since January, Saint’s Place has been blessed with an awesome display of generosity from the Rochester Community.  Each day we have received items needed by the refugees, as well as monetary donations to purchase necessities:  handmade quilts, hats and gloves, bedding (new and gently used), toiletries, new rice cookers, toasters, blenders and toaster ovens, new winter jackets and boots, the list goes on and on.  Many of the donations have been from businesses, schools, colleges, churches and community groups.  We are amazed by their generosity, and wish to thank everyone who has given so generously to us.

Saint’s Place has just received reassuring news from Catholic Family Center that the “go-ahead” to start processing refugees has been issued.  The Department of State has instructed overseas refugee processing agencies to resume all processing activities; including security checks and re-requests, medicals and assurances.  This is a very positive sign that will help ensure that refugees may continue to gain approval for entry to the United States.

In light of these steps, Saint’s Place anticipates the arrival of 40 -50 new refugees a month between April and September 30th.  These numbers are slightly lower than “normal,” but will still keep us busy and happy.  In addition to helping these newly arrived refugees, we will continue with our recent commitment to support refugees already settled in Rochester.  Many are still living in poverty, and continue to need assistance.  Saint’s Place has wanted to extend our services to them; this is our opportunity and we welcome the task.

In the next few months, our needs will be the same. During this unsettling time, we ask your prayers for refugees struggling to get to safety.  May God bless them with the grace they will need to meet their daily challenges.

Don’t miss the sales….they are incredible!
The” Back to School” Sales have already started and prices are great! 

This year Saint’s Place filled and delivered 285 backpacks for students ages 4 to 20 years old.  So we need your help to continue this important work.  With the lower arrival number of refugees,  we will be helping refugee students at Rochester International Academy and other Rochester City Schools.

School supplies and backpacks are needed for refugee children that cannot afford to purchase them.   During the month of August school supplies are at their lowest prices of the year.  Many items such as notebooks are as low as 50 cents or one dollar.  If you can help by purchasing one backpack and/or supplies for a backpack, it would be greatly appreciated.

Items needed:
Backpacks                                           Markers
Loose leaf paper  (lots and lots)          Scissors   (lots)      
Calculator                                           Crayons
Rulers                                                  Pens/pens
Folders                                                Glue sticks
Pencil sharpener (lots)                         Erasers                                               
Composition Notebook                       Spiral notebook          

Items can be dropped off at 46 South Main Street.