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Just a few of the families that were helped this August

​​​    Indra Roman Dhakal  and his wife recently arrived  in Rochester from a refugee camp in Nepal.  They are Bhutani refugees who lived through the devastating earthquake that destroyed Katmandu.  The young couple, along with 112 other refugees had arrived in Katmandu from their refugee camp to attend an orientation session before departing to the United States.  Hours after arriving in Katmandu, the earthquake hit. 
    The building that housed the orientation collapsed and Dhakal feared for his wife who was on an upper floor.  The refugees in the building fled to the streets.  Soon after, Dhakal returned to the building and found his wife, unconscious.  When she regained consciousness, a doctor declared she was okay.
    After five days of living in the streets, with little or no food and water, they were blessed to be put on a plane to the United States.  Most of the other refugees were sent back to the camp.  Only 10 of 112 refugees in the orientation program were allowed to leave Nepal.
    Dhakal and his wife arrived in the United States with no belongings what so ever. The few meager items they had brought from the refugee camp were lost in the earthquake.  But they  brought with them a real hope for a better life.  They are so happy to be in Rochester.  Dhakal is anxious to find a job and his wife wants to learn English.  They are both proudly awaiting the arrival of their first child.  

    Christopher brought his wife and one year old daughter to the United States from Myanmar via Malaysia to escape political turmoil and strife.  Now, with his daughter and wife by his side, he comes seeking a new life in America.  One of his first goals is to save up enough money to bring his 7 year old son who lives with his grandfather in Myanmar to Rochester. They hope to enjoy a fresh start in his new home.