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How You Can Help

Monetary Donations

     Financial support is always needed and greatly appreciated.  Your money will go toward the expenses of running Saint's Place, including the costs of house and van maintenance.  Monetary donations will also go toward the purchase of items needed by the refugees that have not been donated.  Every dollar is important to us and we are very careful in our spending.  Every penny spent is in aid of others in need.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us.  Thank you for your support.   

Or, please make a Tribute or Memorial with a check to the address below:

Saint's Place
St. Louis Church
46 South Main St.   
Pittsford, NY 14534

Donations of Furniture and Household Goods

Our goal is to provide the refugees arriving in Rochester with a furnished, functional home. We are always in need of furniture, lamps, draperies, appliances, linens, pots and pans, dishes, toys for the children, and other household items. Donated items should be clean and in good working/usable condition. Please contact us to make arrangements to drop off items or to have us pick them up at your convenience. Thank you.

       Donations of Clothing

We are in need of donated clothing for men, women, and children. Donated clothing should be clean and in wearable condition. Please contact us with any questions. Drop off clothing at Saint's Place at any time. (46 South Main Street, Pittsford, New York - next to St. Louis Church) If no one is there, please leave items on the back porch in plastic bags to protect them from the weather. Thank you.

Donations of Storage Space

Saint's Place is in need of additional donated storage space for furniture and household items. Please contact us if you would be willing to donate space in the Rochester area for this important cause. Thank you.


Volunteer Opportunities

     We also are continually in need of more volunteers to assist in this important ministry.  Please see our current volunteer openings page for more information.  Thank you.


Interesting Facts about Saint's Place Volunteers

Saint's Place often presents you with interesting facts about the refugees, where they come from, how many we serve, how many homes we settle, etc. This week, we take the opportunity to relate to you interesting facts about some of our volunteers, without whom we could not operate our ministry.

Altogether, our volunteers average about 1,150 hours per month at the clothing closet at St. John of Rochester and at the ministry house at 46 South Main Street (that number does not include our tutoring programs). In addition to that number, there are countless individuals finding time to share their talents and interests in service of others. Below are profiles of just a few of them; more facts and profiles will follow in coming weeks.

The Monday morning crew, our "veteran" volunteers, tackle a weekend of clothing donations. The donations are sorted and organized, and the ladies are still able to attend 11 am Mass. Ellie Booth, Pam Rosen, Dottie Albright, Ellen Zimmer and Barbara Fleckenstein are a spirited group of ladies, who are undaunted by their monotonous and mountainous weekly task. Lee Wagar sorts and packs dishes twice a week, and also takes her Standard Poodle, Abby, to various locations as a therapy dog. Volunteering is a big part of Lee's life. Joan Keebler rises at 5 am each morning to bake cookies or brownies for the volunteers. She has been doing this for 10 years, so that is almost 2,000 baked goods that she has lovingly provided for us. Can anyone figure out how many pounds of flour and bags of chocolate chips she has purchased? She is our very own Keebler ELF! Bertie Sargent volunteers almost 24/7 except for the mornings she volunteers at St. John the Evangelist on Humboldt St. Bertie runs her washer and dryer full time doing all the linen for our Annual Super Sale, making her the biggest purchaser of OxiClean in Pittsford! Elaine Hill donates her time and talent making banners, posters and doing publicity for our Annual Sale and also runs her own business designing and making banners for several area colleges and universities. Mary Ann Weiner and Rody Krugh manage the bedding/linen room at Saint's Place. Mary Ann is queen of the shoppers, spending countless hours clipping coupons and then searching the area stores to redeem them for essentials for the refugees. Rody can prepare bedding for a family of 11 in less time than it takes to write out their names! Lucy Nunn, Dorothy Bell, Bev Moll and Sheila Witkowski spend more hours sorting donations in the kitchen at 46 S. Main than cooking in their own kitchens. Their enthusiasm for selecting just the right items for a newly arrived family is contagious. Anita Ingraham, after working as a Pre-K aide at St. Louis School, makes time to do any project that needs to be done, from sorting clothing, helping with a set up, or bringing in donations off the back porch. Bernie Trombetta, swims laps at the Y, plays bridge, volunteers at the Highlands and still finds the time and energy to spend three afternoons a week directing "donations" to the right location.

These are just a few of the priceless volunteers who bless Saint's Place with their time, talents and treasures. To be continued

May God Bless Our Volunteers!